Waggytails Farmstay

Grooming & Doggy Day Spa

Our Story

Life is so busy for the modern dog owner who has to work and leave their dog home alone.  Our Waggytails Grooming & Day Spa offers a  drop off service to its clients. Allowing them to be able to drop their beloved pet off for Grooming , attend work or other commitments and then pick their dog up at the allotted time.  All along knowing that their dog has had a great farmstay experience, having been individually played with and pampered by experienced staff.   Followed by a full grooming session.  After all of this activity their furbaby then can have a rest in their own private luxurious day suite.  

 Happy Customers

All of our clients are impressed by the modern facilities and the Farmstay arenas.  Such a beautiful location to rest , play and be pampered. It really is a "Dogs Life "

An Idea is Born

Waggytails Farmstay  wanted to offer Grooming with a twist . Allowing your Furbaby to relax and have as stress free an experience as possible. To play, bond with the groomer and then relax and enjoy their time and freedom.  A lot nicer than being caged for the whole duration of their time in a very busy and noisy environment.